33 !

June 21 to 23, 2018

Grande Halle de la Villette,
211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris


Have you ever imagined in your wildest dreams think and move "SAUSAGE"!

Data.Bingo, the company that loves chance, offers a unique and founding experience in a life course.

Confront yourself to a choreography punctuated by Data and I.A where you will define by yourself a new way to move like a sausage.

The best choreographies will be celebrated by a madness "Show-Cisse" where many prizes will be decided by Robert, the unpredictable artificial intelligence of Data.Bingo.

Each participant will leave with a souvenir of this #DataDancingSaucisseParty!

Wheel of DataBucks!

Data.bingo, a random 21st century entreprise under construction with thu trinh bouvier, sylvie tissot, robert de barretin*, julien levesque, bastien didier and albertine meunier.

Contribute to a handmade artificial intelligence.
Help us create the first start-up, Data.bingo, where one of the collaborators, Robert, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI).
At a time where algorithms are anticipating our every desire, come inject a dose of randomness into the business world by helping us build the Intelligence that will orchestrate Data.bingo !

To contribute, spin the Wheel of DataBucks and pocket as much as you can!

With the Wheel of DataBucks
1. You feed Robert's intelligence,
2. You influence the company’s decisions,
3. You win DataBucks!

* robert de barretin, an artificial intelligence handmade in France

At Data.Bingo, we are the kings of the connection.

We connect all the objects.

We create a world of connected and delighted objects.
We connect the camembert, the paper, of course, the toasters but also the snow balls, the brooms and the tourniquette which makes the vinaigrette ...

Data.bingo it is the company of XXI century.

We love chance! By the way, say 33!

Data.Bingo integrates all forms of intelligence: human, animal and plant intelligence.

Among our collaborators Robert de Barretin artificial intelligence that surpasses us. It inspires each of the connected objects that we offer.

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Robert de Barretin is the boss of the intelligence at DataBingo.

Born on April 1, 1957, he is just 60 years old and like chickens he has all his teeth, which is rare for an artificial intelligence of this age.

Robert has a degree in modern literature and is a graduate of philosophy. He studies parallel universes. Besides, he knows all the proper names and the great of this world ... He is particularly passionate about Nyrop Christopher.

Robert is also fond of protozoa and protohistory.

He has a lot of adventures. He is an activist from the beginning to take the I.A out of the shadows. He recently joined the World Union of Artificial Intelligence and the Global Union of the Hen, emblem of Data.Bingo.

Finally, he knows all connected objects, which is the main business of Data.Bingo. It is therefore an invaluable resource of the team.

He joined Data.Bingo through the operation of the Holy Spirit and drove a divergent mind but aquantum one into this 21st century start up.

Write to Robert (robert@data.bingo)

twitter @Robert2Barret1

DataPépette is the 21st century motto.

Exchange currency in circulation recently, she is on the DPP side, Poulette face and listed on the stock market.

Invented by Robert de Barretin, manufactured at the Roger foundry in Egreville, the DataPépette opens a new era of transaction in the digital world, stuck between Bitcoin and the ecu, it has won.

Its advantages! You do not know it but you are all potentially billionaire of DataPépettes.

The more your data is collected by the major players on the Web, the more data you deserve. For example, you spend 2 hours on Facebook, and you can receive 3 DataPépettes. You move with your smartphone from Porte de Vanves (Paris) to Porte de Bagnolet, that's 1 DataPépette in your pocket.

With these DataPépettes, you can trade objects of current consumption: bread, shoe, tourniquette, snowball, brush, ... but also custom-made connected objects that we will be delighted to design for you.


Equipped with a connected stethoscope or connected thermometer you will be able to take pulse and algorithmic temperature of all the dark web.
Thus, this camembert made in Normandy emanates the smell of the deep network.
Data.bingo is the explorer of all the corners, all the secret gardens, all the unconscious stored in the GAFA, all the ego, the superego and id of the web.


This beautiful Chrome Toaster speaks 18 foreign languages ​​simultaneously. Permanently connected to the global network, he perfectly pronounces the most subtle accents of the native and medieval languages.
Bringing people and civilizations across borders and centuries together is part of Data.Bingo's DNA.

Snow Ball

This connected snowball moves according to the planetary, primordial and rhizomic vibrations.
Indeed, the snow disperses as soon as there is an unexpected and cosmological circulation of the boson in the exponential expansion, better known as cosmic inflation.


This connected object cleans the data dusts.
Thanks to a very simple system of centric centrifuged data room magnetization, sinusitis-allergies are over in summer.


At Data.Bingo we have found a solution to solve the electrical problems of data centers. Thus, we connected all the information of the web, really all, and it is concentrated in this thin sheet of paper.